Place Re-order

Our re-order page is not set up yet. To re-order, please call us at 800-746-7897.

Have the following information available if possible:

  1. Quantity you need. Look on our web site to see the prices and determine what quantity best suits you this time.
  2. Your last invoice number or the re-order number on the slip that was sent with your invoice.
  3. If your forms are numbered, your last number so we can check it against our records.
  4. Credit card information if different from last order.
  5. Please check your forms to see if all the information is still correct.
  6. Shipping address.

    Shorty's Place in Cyberspace
    Phone: 800-746-7897 or 904-636-0824
    Fax: 904-448-2001
    Address: 5307 Rollins Ave., Jacksonville, FL 32207-7713