General Information

Do you offer a guarantee? Yes, we guarantee that you will be satisfied with your forms. If you are unhappy for any reason, either the forms will be replaced or your money will be refunded.

What does it really cost? You will be charged the price listed plus shipping and sales tax. Some products can have an over or under run. You will be charged for the actual quantity you receive. You may first be charged for the quantity ordered, then a credit or an additional charge to adjust for actual quantity after your order ships. Shipping charge may also be billed after order ships and we know actual charge.

Is rush service available? This varies depending on the product and the manufacturer. Sometimes there is a rush charge, or sometime you may need to pay for next day or second day delivery service. Always let us know if you must have something by a specific date.

How long does it take? Production time vary from item to item. The page that has the prices for an item should aslo have the production time. Note that production time does not include shipping time.

Can additional information be imprinted on the forms?Items that are ordered online only allow you to enter copy for the imprint area. Many forms can be customized or additional text can be added to the body of the form. Call us for more information.

Can I use my logo? Logos can be used on most items. Call us for more information. If you provide acceptable camera-ready digital art for your entire imprint, there is not additional charge. If we must do any preparation work for your logo there is a $30 one time charge., For more information, got to

What is crash printing? Many of our multipart forms are crash printed. This means that the forms are already made and an impression is made on the top copy and the imprint copies through to the other parts. Ink is only on the first part, which is usually the copy your customer would get.

Ordering Information

Call Shorty's Place in Cyberspace at 800-746-7897 if you have any questions.

You can order any product online by selecting the quantity your want on the drop down box by the product, then clicking the "Add to Cart" button. Our secure shopping cart will prompt you for the required information, including the copy for your imprint (if you selected an imprinted item). You will be able to review all your information before the order is submitted.
To place an order by fax or mail, include the following information:

  1. Your company name, address, phone, fax, email address, and contact person.

  2. Shipping address if different.

  3. Form number.

  4. Quantity and price.

  5. Information for your imprint.

  6. Starting number for consecutive numbers, or state that you do not want numbering.

  7. Credit card number, name on card, bill address, and expiration date (Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover). Your card will be charged when the order is shipped.